How it Works


SWRM is a marketplace for creativity by the fans for the fans with artist approval. By offering the tools to create, sell, manufacture and distribute your own creations for your favorite artists, we’re changing the way quality merchandise gets made on a print on demand basis.  No risk. No waste.

For every item sold, you get paid and the artist gets paid.

Download Artist Creative Assets

Download your favorite artists’ asset pack.

Create Your Design

Create your work in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or any other preferred graphics editing program.

Upload Your Design

Upload your work and position on your preferred garment.

Set Your Profit

Set your retail price and profit margin and launch your items.

Sell and Get Paid

Share with your fans and followers and start selling. There’s no limit on how many items you can sell too or minimum quantities for order; we manufacture all the orders and ship directly to your customers worldwide. Enter your PayPal payment details, and get paid within 60 days of delivery of your first sale.


On SWRM you’ll find a marketplace of original fan designs for your favorite artists, printed with ethics and quality you can trust with proceeds going to both artists and designers. We aren’t any ordinary online shop though; to minimize waste and risk, we print as many items as are sold and pay both the designers and the artists.

Choose Your Products

Browse and buy your favorite artist approved designs from designer stores.

We Make The Products

Once your order is received, we make the items.

We Ship The Products

Once the items are produced, we ship them to you.